Version 15

May 11, 2022

  • Fixed an issue with the Modal module when both page and global modals contain forms.

Files updated

  • modules/modal/module.html

Version 14

Apr 20, 2022

  • Fixed an issue with external fonts.

Files updated

  • css/_base.css
  • css/_variables.css

Version 13

Mar 3, 2022

  • Fixed an issue with the Shifter module from the previous update.

Files updated

  • modules/shifter/fields.json

Version 12

Mar 1, 2022

  • There is a new version of the Blog 2 Listing template (Blog 2 Listing v2), where you can easily edit and drag-and-drop the intro content using HubSpot's new blog listing editor. Your previous Blog 2 Listing template and blogs won't be affected if you install this new update, but if you want to use the new template, you need to select it in your blog settings and enable the new editing experience. This way you can use the Blog 2 design for multiple blogs, each with its own intro.

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Blog 2 Listing v2 - Blog listing page editing

  • Along with the new blog template version mentioned above, we updated the Blog settings module to include an explanation for the intro rich text fields. They will no longer be used with the new template version, but still applied to your existing Blog 2 Listing template.

  • You can now use URLs/links to filter your Listings (module). Learn how.

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Listing filter with hash/URL

  • Included an option to remove the half-screen accent background from the Features showcase module.

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Features showcase module

  • Added slides to adjust the price size on the Pricing module.

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Pricing module - Custom price size

  • Included an option with the Shifter module that allows you to make the navigation a bit more compact, which may be useful and look a little better with many items.

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Shifter module - Compact nav

  • Added a custom class (important-quote) that you can apply to <blockquote> elements in Rich text (Advanced > Source code) for a special styling (see the full code below):

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Important quote sample

    <blockquote class="important-quote">
    <p>The rich text module offers editing options for multiple types of content, such as text formatting, images, links, CTAs, and more. The rich text module offers editing options for multiple types of content, such as text formatting, images, links, CTAs, and more.</p>
    <p style="font-size: 16px;"><strong>- John Doe, Company, Inc.</strong></p>

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Important quote source code

  • Added the possibility to adjust the logo column width (based on a 12-column grid) when editing your header. You will find three text boxes in your header, one for each screen size, where you can add a number from 2 to 6. Header 5 doesn't need this.

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Logo column width

  • Improved the performance of the Modal animation on Safari.

  • Fixed a problem with the Pricing checkmarks being shrunk if the text was too long.

Files updated

  • css/_base.css
  • css/components/features-showcase.css
  • css/components/modal.css
  • css/components/pricing.css
  • css/components/shifter.css
  • js/components/listing.js
  • modules/blog-settings/fields.json
  • modules/features-showcase/fields.json
  • modules/features-showcase/module.html
  • modules/listing/module.html
  • modules/shifter/fields.json
  • modules/shifter/module.html
  • partials/header-01.html
  • partials/header-02.html
  • partials/header-03.html
  • partials/header-04.html
  • partials/header-06.html
  • partials/header-lp-01.html
  • partials/header-lp-02.html

Version 11

Jan 4, 2022


Please take the time to read all notes below before updating because there are some major changes in this version that may impact your live website, especially if you are using a modified child theme.

If you have a child theme and don't use the child.css or child.js or their equivalent that HubSpot automatically creates when you make your child theme first, then we recommend deleting the templates/_base.html file from your child theme, so the new updated version is used instead. Otherwise, some of the updates here, including the modals, won't apply. In which case, you'll have to copy and paste the new modals code block from the original templates/_base.html template to your child theme file. Please reach out if you need help with this.

  • You can now add Modals (popups) to your pages, either globally or on a specific page, as stand-alone or gallery, and can open them from any link or element on the page, usually with an onclick event. Modals are also navigable with the keyboard and can be closed with the Escape key or Tab away. More details | Examples

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Modals/Popups

  • The theme is now RTL-ready. If you are using a modified child version, please be aware that some elements are now using RTL-friendly properties, such as padding-inline-start instead of the old padding-left, or text-align: end instead of text-align: right, etc. So if you've made CSS changes, you may experience minor spacing issues that you need to address after updating. Some editor labels still refer to the 'Left' / 'Right' direction, but they actually have an inverse meaning on an RTL page (e.g., Column align: Left will actually align the columns to the Right).

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Modals/Popups

    To not burden other theme copies with unnecessary code, we added an option in the Theme settings > Miscellaneous, where you can make your theme RTL-ready if you are planning on using an RTL language:

    Act3 HubSpot Theme - Settings - Miscellaneous - RTL ready

  • We added a very simple Footer 12 that some users may prefer to set for landing pages.

  • Dropped support for IE, following HubSpot's announcement back in July 2021 that it's no longer supporting this browser. This allows us to use more modern technologies (ES6, CSS variables, etc.) and make the theme even more lightweight. Although the global usage of IE has declined to near zero, if your website in particular still needs to support this browser to an extent, we recommend not updating to Version 11.

  • Replaced the method to add space between buttons and icons with a more performant, simple, and efficient way that uses CSS gap instead of margin.

  • Because of the change mentioned above, the sharing.css file used with the Sharing module is no longer needed, so we deleted it.

  • Fixed a problem with the Pillar navigation scroll offset, which now gets the values from the Theme Settings, as initially intended, instead of just using a fixed value.

  • The Listing pagination is no longer shown if there's only one page.

Files updated

  • Most files have been updated.

Version 10

Dec 13, 2021

  • Added options for word breaking in Theme settings > Typography

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme Settings - Typography - Word breaking - Sample

  • Added variables so you can edit/translate the text on your system pages. More details: How to edit the text on system pages

    Act3 - HubSpot System Pages - Translate

  • Added custom color and gradient options for buttons

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Gradient Buttons

  • Added custom gradient options for icons

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Feature card - Gradient icons

  • Added Column layout options to the mega menu

    Act3 - HubSpot Mega Menu columns

  • Made the Mega flyouts delay option available in the Navigation module settings

    Act3 - HubSpot Mega menu flyouts delay

  • Made the mega menu scrollable if it doesn’t fit the viewport height

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Scrollable Mega Menu

  • Added onclick attributes to all module links, so you can also trigger onclick actions with JavaScript. For example, activate a tab from another link on the page by adding this function to the onclick attribute: go_to_tab('tab4')

    Act3 - HubSpot Theme - Link onclick attribute

  • Included the option to add a link to the image on the Box over image module
  • Made the Hero slider content take the full width of the container if no maximum width is set
  • Fixed a problem with the Hero slider button text on hover, being overridden by the dark color scheme
  • Updated the Go card and Image box modules to follow the column settings even in case there’s only one item in the repeater, keeping it consistent with other similar components
  • Fixed a minor spacing problem with the icons on the Mobile navigation module, if one of the items didn’t include a link
  • Removed the link from the blog post title on the blog post view
  • Fixed a problem with the position and space between multiple buttons if at least one is a Call to Action
  • Fixed an overlapping issue in the page editor with the header, pillar nav and the module that's being edited.
  • And other minor fixes

Files updated

  • css/_base.css
  • css/_variables.css
  • css/components/header-01.css
  • css/components/header-01-overlap.css
  • css/components/header-02.css
  • css/components/header-02-overlap.css
  • css/components/header-03.css
  • css/components/header-03-overlap.css
  • css/components/header-04.css
  • css/components/header-04-overlap.css
  • css/components/header-05.css
  • css/components/header-05-overlap.css
  • css/components/header-06.css
  • css/components/header-06-overlap.css
  • css/components/header-lp-01-overlap.css
  • css/components/header-lp-02-overlap.css
  • css/components/hero-slider.css
  • css/components/mobile-nav.css
  • css/components/nav.css
  • css/components/pillar-nav.css
  • fields.json
  • macros/utility.html
  • module/box-over-image/fields.json
  • module/box-over-image/module.html
  • modules/button/fields.json
  • modules/button/module.html
  • modules/contact-box/fields.json
  • modules/contact-box/module.html
  • modules/content-card/fields.json
  • modules/content-card/module.html
  • modules/cover-card/module.html
  • modules/feature-card/fields.json
  • modules/feature-card/module.html
  • modules/features-showcase/module.html
  • modules/form/fields.json
  • modules/form/module.html
  • modules/go-card/module.html
  • modules/hero-slider/fields.json
  • modules/hero-slider/module.html
  • modules/icon/fields.json
  • modules/icon/module.html
  • modules/image-box/module.html
  • modules/image-plus-text/fields.json
  • modules/image-plus-text/module.html
  • modules/listing/fields.json
  • modules/listing/module.html
  • modules/mobile-nav/fields.json
  • modules/mobile-nav/module.html
  • modules/nav/fields.json
  • modules/nav/module.html
  • modules/pricing/fields.json
  • modules/pricing/module.html
  • modules/properties/fields.json
  • modules/properties/module.html
  • modules/quick-features/fields.json
  • modules/quick-features/module.html
  • modules/shifter/fields.json
  • modules/shifter/module.html
  • partials/header-01.html
  • partials/header-02.html
  • partials/header-03.html
  • partials/header-04.html
  • partials/header-05.html
  • partials/header-06.html
  • templates/blog-1-post.html
  • templates/blog-2-post.html
  • templates/blog-3-post.html
  • templates/error-404.html
  • templates/error-500.html
  • templates/password-prompt.html
  • templates/subscription-confirmation.html
  • templates/subscription-preferences.html
  • templates/unsubscribe-backup.html

Version 9

Oct 26, 2021

  • Fixed a problem with the Nav module, where the link applied to the aside image in the mega menu was not functional

Files updated

  • modules/nav/module.html

Version 8

Oct 4, 2021

  • Included email notification and follow-up options with the Form and Shifter modules
  • Set absolute URLs in the Language selector module
  • Disabled language URL rewrite for the Language selector, Nav and Mobile nav modules

Files updated

  • modules/form/fields.json
  • modules/form/module.html
  • modules/form/shifter.json
  • modules/lang-select/module.html
  • modules/mobile-nav/module.html
  • modules/nav/module.html
  • modules/shifter/module.html

Version 7

Sep 28, 2021

  • Fixed an issue with the font-family property when using certain web safe fonts

Files updated

  • css/_variables.css

Version 6

Sep 20, 2021

  • We included 20 reusable sections so you can create pages even faster. Watch video
  • You can now list specific posts by ID with the Blog card module, even mixing posts from different blogs. Watch video
  • Updated the Logos module so the logos in the carousel are now centered by default
  • Added an option to remove the default space after paragraphs in the Rich text module
  • Fixed an issue with the Image plus text module, where the dark color scheme affected some button color on hover

Files updated

  • css/_base.css
  • modules/blog-card/module.html
  • modules/image-plus-text/module.html
  • modules/logos/fields.json
  • modules/rich-text/module.html

Version 5

Aug 30, 2021

  • Just corrected an error from the last update with the textarea corners

Files updated

  • css/_variables.css

Version 4

Aug 26, 2021

  • Fixed a bug with the Thumbnails gallery not working properly with multiple sliders on the same page
  • Fixed an issue with the Rich Text columns not being equal in the Listing module
  • Improved the look of textarea with large round corners
  • Set a higher z-index for the Lightbox component to prevent overlapping in the page editor
  • Added Settings and Wrapper to the Sharing module

Files updated

  • css/_form.css
  • css/_lightbox.css
  • css/_variables.css
  • css/components/listing-rich-text.css
  • css/components/sharing.css
  • modules/gallery/module.html
  • modules/sharing/fields.json
  • modules/sharing/module.html

Version 3

Aug 23, 2021

  • Added an option to list Recent posts by author in the Blog card module
  • Set absolute URL paths for posts in the Blog card module to support blog subdomains
  • Set a higher z-index on drop-down menus to always appear in front of other content on the page

Files updated

  • css/components/nav.css
  • modules/blog-card/fields.json
  • modules/blog-card/module.html

Version 2

Aug 11, 2021

  • Fixed a bug with the Listing component, when an unescaped special character caused an error
  • Set relevant covers for the blog templates

Files updated

  • modules/listing/module.html

Version 1

Jul 30, 2021