Act3 Documentation

Welcome to the Act3 Learning Center. Our documentation covers everything you need to know about your Act3 HubSpot theme.

Getting started


General info

Module structure, settings, and wrapper styles


Quick compact piece of information or FAQs

Blog card

List your latest blog posts on your website page

Box over image

Text box overlapping your image in various places


One or multiple buttons in various styles and sizes

Column navigation

Columns of links, often used in the footer

Compact card

Small image and short text in a nice compact card

Comparison table

Compare products, services, features

Contact box

Company contact details or social networks

Content card

Multi-purpose card with icon, image, text, and button

Cover card

Complex card with multiple elements and styles

Feature card

Simple card with icon, title, and description

Features showcase

Showcase the most important features


Normal form, boxed form, one-field form


Image gallery: grid, slider, or thumbnails

Go card

Simple and clean card with image, text, and arrow


Use proper elements for good heading hierarchy

Hero slider

Large slider for the above-the-fold content


One or multiple icons with links and various styles


Simple image with square or theme's corner radius

Image box

Image with caption: title and description

Image plus text

Text + large image that can exceed the page center

Language selector

Appears on translated pages and blog posts


Multi-filter listing with real-time search and pagination


Multiple logos to display in a grid or slider

Mobile navigation

Hamburger menu that appears on mobile


Demand an action, provide more information

Multi address

List multiple office locations and maps


Website menu with normal flyouts or mega-menu


Quantify your greatest achievements with figures

Pillar navigation

Table of contents and progress bar


Pricing boxes — subscription, one-time fee


Simple icon and text elements placed inline

Quick action

Compact box with image, text, and button

Quick features

Icon + text in multiple columns and rows


List a single or multiple quotes in a grid or slider


List reviews from customers, with images and rates

Rich text

Rich text with multiple powerful options

Scroll to

Scroll to another section or anchor on the page

Section extra settings

Enable more background options on any section

Section intro

Start sections with a large heading and subtle overline


Simple icons to share your page via links


Show one piece of content at a time via a menu

Side menu

List a menu in the sidebar of your page

Site search

Site search box and results in a full-screen window


Guide your website visitors with quick steps


Show one piece of content at a time by using tabs

Team card

Introduce team members with beautiful cards


List the most important milestones in a timeline


HTML5 video player, lightbox, or embed