First steps

1. Purchase / installation

The theme will automatically install into the portal you are logged in, so please double check your Hub ID in the top right corner before purchasing:

HubSpot portal name and ID

If there are problems with the installation process we recommend reaching out to HubSpot directly, as we don't have any control over the purchasing/installation process.

2. First step after the installation

Purchased themes from the HubSpot Marketplace are not editable (read-only), so you can benefit from future updates and improvements. If you plan on making code changes, now is the time to create a child theme, and use that instead of the purchased one for your website. Otherwise you can use the purchased theme directly.

3. Customization

Now that you have your theme installed or your child theme ready, you can go to Settings > Website > Themes and customize your theme. To learn more about how to customize your Act3, please view our documentation on the theme settings here.