Support policy

Customization requests

Please consult our Customization documentation first to make sure the changes you need are already possible using the built-in theme settings.

Our product is provided AS IS and meant as a timely and cost-effective alternative to an otherwise costly and long process of developing a custom website. So keeping that in mind there are some limitations to what kind of support we can provide.

We get many requests in our support asking for tailored customization on client sites and, while we'd be happy to fulfill all of them, we simply don't have the capacity to provide such customization as part of our customer support plan.

If you need specific changes to the look and feel of the theme, or you need to extend it, or make changes, then we recommended enlisting the help of an outside/freelance developer that has a good level of understanding of HubSpot and our product. We don't have anyone to recommend in particular, but there are freelance websites such as Upwork or Fiverr, or even the HubSpot Community, where you have a good chance of finding a good developer.

But we're really hopping the built-in templates, components and features are enough for you to create your amazing website, so you can save time and money with any further development. If the theme doesn't suit your needs as it is, you may be entitled to a full refund. Please consult our Refund policy to find out more.

Why are we doing this?

Previously, we provided some kind of customization support up to a point, but that quickly got out of hand and instead of spending our limited resources on improving and upgrading the product, we spent all our resources on this type of requests. That's why we had to set some limitations so we can focus more on development.

Overall we believe this is a good thing for most of our customers, because we'll be able to spend more time on improving the product over time, keeping it up to date with all HubSpot CMS changes and what's new, and even developing new great tools to improve your DIY experience.

What's included with the support?

  • Free updates, including bug fixes, improvements, etc.
  • Up-to-date robust documentation online.
  • Answering questions via email about the included components and features — these types of support requests will always be looked at and actioned by our support team.

What's not included with the support?

  • Installation, because it's actually taken care automatically by the HubSpot Marketplace. If there are problems with the installation process we recommend reaching out to HubSpot directly.
  • Customization. We don't provide support for customization (code changes, third-party implementation, design changes, content, etc).
  • Video meetings or 1-on-1 chat.

For how long do we provide support?

Altough this is a one-time fee digital good and not a service subscription, we'll keep running bug fixes and making sure the documentation is up to date for as long as the theme is available on the marketplace. We cannot provide fixes for existing websites that are using an older version. So we recommend always using the newest version available.

We'll provide 1-on-1 email support for 6-months with each purchase, but free updates and bug fixes are provided for as long as the product is available on the marketplace.

Other considerations

We can only support our own work, so we'll answer questions or provide bug fixes for the original unmodified files. If you already made significant changes or implemented third-party assets or code, we cannot provide support for those files. We recommend always using the original files or unaltered clones.