Scroll to Top

This is the button that appears on the lower right corner of the page and can help your visitors quickly scroll at the top of the page to access the header and menu:

Act21 Scroll to Top button on HubSpot website

This can be disabled from the Customization Tool > Miscellaneous:

Act21 HubSpot Theme - Customization Tool - Scroll to Top

Or, if you already pasted your customization code and don't want to start over, you can manually disable it from the CSS stylesheet by changing this variable at the top from "yes" to "no":

Act21 HubSpot Theme - CSS Stylesheet - Variables - Scroll to Top - No

How to move the Scroll to Top button to the bottom left corner

Edit your CSS stylesheet, scroll down at the bottom of the code and paste this at the end, after everything else:

/* ==========================================================================
   Scroll to Top > Left
   ========================================================================== */

.scroll-to-top {
  right: auto;
  left: 20px;

Edit your Footer and replace the pr80 class from the Copyright module with pl80

Act21 Footer Global Group Copyright padding left 80px