CSS Stylesheet

Act21.css is attached by default to all Act2.1 templates.

You can find it within Design Tools at this location:

HubSpot Design Tools

Act21.css location

By default your domain stylesheet is disabled from all your Act2.1 templates and we strongly recommend keeping it that way. Only Act21.css should be attached:

Act21.css attached, domain stylesheet excldued

If you're seeing weird styles in your page, please also make sure there are no other stylesheets attached at the page level. Here is how you can do that:

1 Edit your page

Act2 Edit Page

2 Go to Settings > Advanced Options > Stylesheet

Act2 Page Editor Advanced Options

3 Make sure the Domain Stylesheets are Disabled or select Use default (recommended) if the domain stylesheets are already disabled from the template (Act2's default setting)

Make sure the Template Stylesheets are Enabled or select Use default (recommended) if Act2.css stylesheet is already attached to the template (Act2's default setting)

Act2 Page Editor Stylesheets