Image Box

This is the Act21 Image Box custom module:

Act2 Template Builder Image Box Custom Module

Module options


Your image will set the width and height of the box, so please make sure to include one that provides enough room for the caption.

Act2 Page Editor Image Box Image

Important notes:

The image takes the full width of its container (it’s as wide as the module) and is fully responsive. That means that when the column becomes narrow on smaller screens the image will become smaller as well (without losing its aspect ratio or being cropped), providing less space for the caption. So this is another aspect you should consider when choosing your image and the text inside.

The text and icon will automatically decrease in size on smaller screens, but it depends on your image and text length if it fits the area. That’s why it’s always a good idea to test your page on multiple screen sizes. HubSpot provides a preview feature where you can test your page on various screen sizes directly in the page editor. More about that here.

If you want to use multiple Image Box modules with the same size you should choose images with the exact same dimensions (width and height).


Head over to the Font Awesome article to learn how to add an icon code.

Act2 Page Editor Image Box Icon


Please keep it short. Leave empty if you don't want to show a line. Line 2 has a slight transparency.

Act2 Page Editor Image Box Text

Content alignment

The caption will always be centered on this module both vertically and horizontally. This only specifies the text and icon alignment inside the content block.

Act2 Page Editor Image Box Content Alignment


You can add a relative link /about-us, a full URL or you can link to an anchor #tab2

Act2 Page Editor Image Box Link URL


Specifies the color and opacity of the image overlay.

Act2 Page Editor Image Box Overlay Color

No hover

This will disable the animation on hover. If you also check the Reverse box, it will show the caption permanently.

Act2 Page Editor Image Box No Hover


Reverses the way the caption is shown, hidden or visible by default.

Act2 Page Editor Image Box Reverse

Always show caption on small screens

Whatever the two options above, if you check this it will always show the caption on small screens.

Act2 Page Editor Image Box Always show caption on small screens


This is optional, only applicable with listing sections, when using filtering. You can specify multiple categories separated by commas. Example: apple, orange, pear. Please use alpha-numeric characters only. You can separate multiple words with _ or - e.g. inbound_marketing. This is case sensitive, so use the same as in your Listing Menu. Example: you have #iPhone in your Listing Menu, it should be iPhone here, not iphone.

Act2 Page Editor Image Box Category

Custom class

Use this box if you want to add a custom class to your module at the page level.

Act2 Module Custom Class