There are three custom modules in Act2 that you can use for your accordions:

Act2 Template Builder Custom Modules Accordions

Act2 Accordion Sample

Act2 Soft Accordion

Important Notes:

Please keep in mind that the content of individual custom modules is only editable in the page editor and NOT from the template. So you would need to create and edit your actual page in order to add your own content to these modules.

We recommend using Flexible Columns, so you can add as many accordion items as you need at the page level:

Act2 Template Builder Accordion Simple

Module Options


Act2 Page Editor Accordion Title

Act2 Accordion Title Sample


Act2 Page Editor Accordion Content

Act2 Accordion Content Sample

Expanded by default

Check this box if you want your accordion item expanded by default:

Act2 Page Editor Accordion Expanded by Default

Group name

By adding the same accordion group name to multiple accordion modules you can link them, so when the user expands an item in that group, the others will collapse, whatever their position in the page. For the opposite behavior just use unique names for each accordion module.

Act2 Page Editor Accordion Group Name

Anchor Name

You can add links on external pages that can target an individual accordion item. Once the page is loaded it will scroll down to your accordion and the targeted item will be expanded.

Act2 Page Editor Accordion Anchor Name

Then, you can add links like this in your page:

Act2 Page Editor Link to Accordion Item

Note: Anchor names should be unique per page.
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