Edit logo

Please head over to our Understanding the header article if you want to get a better understanding of how headers work in Act2, how many headers are there and the way they are structured.

Watch a Quick Video or follow the instructions below to learn how you can change your logo:

1 Go to the Design Tools within HubSpot and open an Act21 template with the header you want to edit, then edit the global group containing the Logo module (right click > Edit global group):

Act2 Template Builder Edit Logo

2 Click the Logo module inside the global group:

Act2 Template Builder Edit Logo

3 Uncheck this box if you want to use your default logo from Settings:

Act2 Template Builder Edit Logo

Otherwise replace the image with your logo:

Act2 Template Builder Edit Logo

4 Publish your changes:

Act2 Template Builder Edit Logo

5 Optional step, if your logo is too small on mobile:

You can either increase the size of the left column, or you can use Never Stack modifier classes to change the grid on mobile. For example, you can add this class ns-sm-span6 on both columns to make them equal on mobile:

Act2 Template Builder Edit Logo

All the available classes are:


Please keep in mind that the combined span number must be 12. Example:

ns-sm-span3 and ns-sm-span9
ns-sm-span4 and ns-sm-span8
ns-sm-span5 and ns-sm-span7
ns-sm-span6 and ns-sm-span6

6 Repeat these steps for the other global groups you're using containing a Logo module (e.g. Sticky Header).

These are all global groups in Act2.1 containg a Logo module:

Act21 Header
Act21 Sticky Header
Act21 Header Overlap

Act21 Header, Mega-Menu
Act21 Sticky Header, Mega Menu
Act21 Header Overlap, Mega Menu

Act21 Sticky Header, One-Page Website
Act21 Header Overlap, One-Page Website

Act21 LP Header
Act21 LP Header Overlap