Blog I: Introduction

Live demo

This template features a simple classic blog layout with a sidebar on the right:

Act21 Blog I Overview

There are a few options for the position of the featured image on the listing view by changing the template's body class:

1 Edit your blog template and make sure nothing is selected in the layout panel (no group or other module is selected), then look for the Body classes field on the right:

Act21 Blog I - Body class

2 You can change the existing class featured-image-right with one of these:

featured-image-left for this layout:

Act21 Blog I - Body class - featured-image-left

Or featured-image-top for this layout:

Act21 Blog I - Body class - featured-image-top

3 Publish your changes.

If the blog is live it may be cached so you may not see the changes right way. You can either wait a bit for the HubSpot cache to clear out, clear your browser cache or access your blog URL by appending something unique at the end. e.g.