Version 2.0.1 (Apr 12, 2018)


  • Fixed a few issues with the Act2 Blog II template
  • Swapped the classic footer with the default Act2 Footer on Act2 LP Request a Demo and Act2 LP 1 Col templates
  • No other template or asset has been modified
  • Updating to this version will not affect existing templates, assets, blogs or pages
  • If you install this version HubSpot will add a new set of templates to your portal with an unique number after the asset name (e.g. Act2 Header-1239123891328)
  • Customers purchasing the theme after Apr 12, 2018 will get this version by default


  • No new features or components have been added in this release


  • Fixed a bug with the Related Posts section on the Act2 Blog II template not being shown if multi-word topic was referenced
  • Fixed an issue on the Act2 Blog II template where the vertical bar | between topics/date and the read time was missing
  • Fixed a bug with the author page not showing the correct bio item after splitting by vertical bar


  • If for any reason you cannot use the new version and need these issues fixed on your existing template please contact us and we'll run a manual update for you

Version 2.0.0 (Jan 19, 2018)

  • We just released the new theme
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