About Neambo

Long Story Short

We’ve been there in the HubSpot Marketplace since the beginning. In 2012 we released our first product, and all these years we have not stopped providing our customers with innovative and unique products, as easy-to-use as possible and absolutely beautiful.

In 2015 we were greatly honored to receive the HubSpot Marketplace Provider of the Year award, at HubSpot Impact Awards, the same year we launched our highly acclaimed product, Act Theme.

As time passed by, so was the changing trend in web design, so we had to give up on old products and start building the future. We are now more dedicated than ever to delivering even grater products. Themes and tools you can use to make and grow that truely amazing HubSpot website you always wanted. All that without any external (costly) help.

With that in mind we developed Act2, our best theme yet and free Chrome extensions to copy modules and groups in HubSpot Design Manager, v2: HubX, v1: Coscopy.

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