RSS cards

There is a new look for the RSS Listing module in Act Theme, including a masonry functionality.

See a Live Demo


To include an RSS Cards section in your template, you can add an RSS Listing module in a Content Section > Centered wrapper, like this:


Then, add this custom class to your new module:


Here are some additional classes to change the look, feel and functionality of this component:

full-banners Displays the featured image as a full-width banner. See the Live Demo
full-links It makes the entire box clickable.
no-gutter The spacing between masonry items is reduced.
no-masonry The masonry layout is no longer active, so new rows are placed below the tallest item in the previous row.
Note: You don't need anything new installed in your HubSpot account in order to be able to implement this component. Just make sure you follow the instructions above.