How to add a logo in the Sticky Menu

Sticky Menu Logo in Act Theme - Example

1 Go to Design Manager in HubSpot and open your Act Header global group:

How to access Act Header in Act Theme for HubSpot

2 Add a Custom HTML module below your logo and menu:

Act Theme - Add a logo to the Sticky Menu

3 Edit your new Custom HTML module and copy/paste the code below, then change your image URL path, alt text, adjust the size and top margin. Edit only what is highlighted:

<!-- Append sticky menu logo -->
    $(function() {
        if ($('.main-navigation.sticky').length > 0) {
            // wait until the sticky menu is appended - the loop starts only if the sticky menu is available
            var lookupInterval = setInterval(function() {
                if ($('.sticky-menu .centered').length > 0) {
                    $('.sticky-menu .centered').addClass('align-right').prepend('<a href="{{ company_domain }}" class="sticky-menu-logo"><img src="//" alt="Alt text" style="float: left; margin-top: 5px; width: 40px;"></a>');
            }, 100);

By default, the logo links to your domain set in Content Settings > Page Publishing. If you want to change that, you can replace the {{ company_domain }} above with a valid URL. Example: