Read these FAQs before purchasing:


What platforms are supported?

You need a HubSpot account in order to be able to purchase and use our templates. Instinct LP templates are exclusively built for HubSpot, so they don't work with other platforms, such as WordPress or other CMS's.


Are there any customization options available?

Yes, there are a few page customization option you can easily use for each page you build with Instinct, and some more advanced stylesheet customization options for those with coding skills.


Do I need any HubSpot knowledge?

The HubSpot platform is friendly and pretty easy to learn, but we strongly recommend you know your way around it before purchasing any template from the marketplace. You may need some basic knowledge, like:

  • know how to create a page
  • be familiar with the settings
  • also, if you want to make changes to your templates, you definitely need some basic understanding of the Template Builder (what is a module or a global group, how to access their options, how to add a CSS class to a module or group, and so on).

We recommend using the standard templates for awhile, before purchasing any template from the Marketplace. In this way you will see how everything works and know better what kind of theme or template should purchase for your project.

You can explore and learn more about the HubSpot tools and features in the official HubSpot Academy.


Do I need coding skills?

You don't need coding skills, unless you want to make design changes, other than the options we already included in the page editor. In that case you need CSS coding skills, or you can hire an outside developer to help you with this task.

Apart from that, you don't need coding skills to:

  • change your logo
  • edit your form, top banner or other content
  • create pages
  • and so on

What kind of support should I expect?

We provide bug fixes, updates and documentation for the included components, but the support does not include customization questions or custom development services. Purchasing our templates does not imply a services subscription.


Do you provide custom development?

We don't do custom work at all. For custom templates and services we recommend hiring a provider from the HubSpot Partner Directory.


Is Instinct template the right fit for me?

Instinct IS for you

Instinct template is provided AS IS, with small exceptions for quick customization that you can make in the page editor: changing the theme color, links color or form overlapping the banner. So if you like this design and are looking to create simple landing pages fast and easy without the need for further customizations, this template is great for you.

Instinct IS NOT for you

Instinct is not for you if you are looking to match it with your pre-made design, a PSD or some mockup you have from your designer. You can do those changes on your own or hire a developer, but we cannot provide assistance or support for further customization.


I'm an agency, can I use your template for my clients?

Yes, but you need to purchase it for each client. You cannot resell or distribute the templates and assets from this pack. Our work is copyrighted.