Custom modules

All custom modules in Act2.1 are marked with this icon:

HubSpot Marketplace installs all your Act2.1 custom modules at this location:

Marketplace > Neambo > Act2.1 > Custom_Modules

Act21 Audio Player
Act21 Bar Loader
Act21 Boxed Accordion
Act21 Card Box
Act21 Change Image
Act21 Circle Loader
Act21 Content Card
Act21 Content Card - button
Act21 Countdown
Act21 Custom Embed
Act21 Dated Title
Act21 Featured Box
Act21 Hero Banner
Act21 Hero Slider
Act21 Icon
Act21 Image Box
Act21 Link
Act21 List
Act21 Listing Item
Act21 Listing Item Categories
Act21 Listing Pagination
Act21 Listing Search
Act21 Person Card
Act21 Plain Card
Act21 Random Layout
Act21 Read More
Act21 Simple Accordion
Act21 Simple Quote
Act21 Site Search Input
Act21 Social Icons
Act21 Soft Accordion
Act21 Tabs
Act21 Timeline
Act21 Video Player

Using Act2 with the old Design Manager? Read this documentation.